• VELA Men Swimwear 134,80$

    Introducing Vela Swim Shorts, a wearable painting masterpiece inspired by the mesmerizing scene of sailing boats at sunset.

    Embark on a journey of elegance and art with Vela swimwear, where each stroke of color mirrors the sun’s descent, casting a golden glow across the water.

  • CEFALOPODE Men Swimwear 134,80$

    Dive into the enchanting depths with our Cefalopode swim shorts, where the mesmerizing allure of the ocean comes to life.

    At the heart of this design, an artistic octopus unfurls its charm, adding a touch of playfulness to your aquatic adventures. Cefalopode is more than a swimsuit; it’s a delightful embrace of the ocean’s wonders, inviting you to explore the magic beneath the waves.

  • MURJAN Men Swimwear 134,80$

    Introducing our Murjan swim shorts, a mesmerizing blend of underwater elegance in a peachy warmth.

    Immerse yourself in style with Murjan swimwear where the gentle shades evoke the serenity of underwater worlds. These swim shorts offer a unique and refined look that captures the warmth of tropical sunsets.

  • AMALFI Men Swimwear 134,80$

    Embark on a style odyssey with our Amalfi swim shorts, meticulously crafted as a homage to our signature Ravello design. The new array of captivating blue shades draws inspiration from the coastal beauty of the Amalfi Coast. This ceramic-patterned swimwear design, mirrors the allure of this iconic Italian destination for a visual masterpiece.

  • RAVELLO Men Swimwear 134,80$

    Ravello swim short exhibit a glorious and vibrant look.

    Inspired by the gold sunshine feel, and the artworks of the Amalfi Coast, these ceramic patterned swimwear are perfect for those who bring radiance and joy to any moment.

    Embrace the excellence, light, and beauty of life by wearing them to shine bright anytime, anywhere.

  • LAVENTIA Men Swimwear 134,80$

    Dive into tranquility with our Laventia Swim Shorts, where simplicity meets sophistication in a palette of soothing purple hues. Inspired by the serene moments as the sun sets, these swim shorts capture the essence of calm and grace.

    Laventia swimwear invite you to embrace relaxation and style, providing a chic and enduring look for your moments by the water.

  • CITRINE Men Swimwear 134,80$

    Dive into the radiance of our Citrine swim shorts where every hue blends seamlessly to create a visual symphony. Citrine is a celebration of vibrant energy and effervescent charm, designed for those who embrace the spirit of sunshine and adventure.

    Make a splash with Citrine, where each thread tells a tale of warmth, positivity, and the boundless beauty of the sunlit horizon.

  • AVVENTURA Men Swimwear 134,80$

    Dive into the refined elegance of our Avventura swim shorts, where the distinctive design showcases the emblem of Felventura brand in a rich shade of blue.

    Avventura swimwear embody a fusion of artistry and style, inviting you to explore the depths of sophistication, ensuring you make a bold and elegant statement by the water.

  • MEERWELT Men Swimwear 134,80$

    Dive into the rich allure of our Meerwelt swim shorts, where the essence of the sea world is of unparalleled beauty. Every detail of this design whispers of the deep water creating a wearable masterpiece that mirrors the richness of the ocean’s depths.

    Meerwelt is not merely a swimsuit; it’s a gateway to a world of intricate elegance, inviting you to immerse yourself in the elaborate and captivating embrace of the sea’s wonders.

  • AURANTIA Men Swimwear 134,80$

    Dive into the radiant allure of our Aurantia swim shorts, where the captivating design mirrors the warm embrace of a sunset. Inspired by the vibrant shades of orange, Aurantia captures the essence of a sun-kissed paradise.

    Aurantia is more than a swimsuit; it’s a celebration of the golden glow that lights up your moments by the water, reflecting the beauty of nature in its purest form.

  • LUMEN Men Swimwear 134,80$

    Dive into the mosaic-inspired charm of Lumen swim shorts, where fragmented beauty tells a unique story. The swim shorts are a visual tapestry of broken pieces coming together to create a harmonious design.

    Embrace the artistry of imperfection with Lumen, celebrating the mosaic of life in a swimwear that mirrors the beauty found within each fragment.

  • LOVARTE Men Swimwear 134,80$

    Dive into the captivating allure of our Lovarte swim shorts, where art and love intertwine in a harmonious dance of expression.

    At the core of the design, an amusing fusion of love and artistry unfolds, inviting you to embrace the beauty of self-expression. Lovarte is not just a swimsuit; it is a celebration of the profound connection between art and love.

  • OVATO Men Swimwear 134,80$

    Embrace the spirit of the Italian heritage of the Fontana dell’Ovato and dive into the vibrant hues of our refreshed Barocco design, now available in a stunning array of brownish tones.

  • AUREUS Men Swimwear 130,72$

    Experience the magic of the setting sun with this Aureus swim short. The vibrant design captures the beauty of a picturesque sunset, evoking a sense of tranquility and awe-inspiring wonder.

    With its striking colors and unique artistic flair, these Aureus swim shorts make a bold statement, adding a touch of artistry to your swimwear collection.

  • RIVIERA Men Swimwear 130,72$

    Step into the world of chic elegance with this French Riviera inspired swim short. The refined design captures the essence of the glamorous Mediterranean coast, exuding effortless style and sophistication.

    These Riviera swim shorts are the perfect embodiment of refined taste, with their clean lines and understated yet timeless aesthetic.

  • FELBLUE Men Swimwear 130,72$

    Embrace the spirit of rebellion with these bandanas inspired Felblue swim shorts. The edgy design channels the timeless appeal of the classic accessory, offering a bold and confident look.

    This Felblue swim short is perfect for those who dare to stand out from the crowd.

  • HART Men Swimwear 134,80$

    These Hart swim shorts spread unconditional love. Without limits or boundaries and no matter the way, shape, or form.

    A multicolored graffiti heart design decorates it in a unique artistic manner, with each one representing the many different feelings we experience in life.

    Wear this expressive and multicolored swimwear to share and connect with others’ emotions.

  • CHOPPY Men Swimwear 130,72$

    Ride the waves into a sunset paradise with these Choppy swim shorts. The stunning design merges the beauty of crashing waves with a mesmerizing sunset, creating a dynamic and captivating look.

    These Choppy swim shorts are perfect for beach and pool goers.

  • GOCCIA Men Swimwear 130,72$

    Dive into a world of fluid elegance with these Goccia swim shorts. The sleek design captures the beauty of water droplets on glass, evoking a sense of calm and tranquility. These Goccia swim shorts are perfect for those who appreciate understated sophistication.

  • BLAZE Men Swimwear 130,72$

    The power and intensity of these Blaze swim shorts ignites a sense of adventure and inspires you to push beyond your limits, exploring new frontiers and discovering uncharted territory.

    With its eye-catching design and vibrant colors, these Blaze swim shorts are the perfect companion for any aquatic adventure

  • MATIZ Men Swimwear 130,72$

    Indulge in the graceful fluidity of water with these gradient Matiz swim shorts. The elegant design seamlessly blends hues of pink and blue, resembling the gentle transition of colors in the ocean at sunset.

    These Matiz swim shorts exude a refined charm, ideal for those who seek effortless sophistication.